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Workshops & Training

BigTech Agency Ltd hosts a variety of workshops, training courses, roundtables and webinars annually in locations around the world. All of these events use innovative, hands-on methods–from brief presentations by subject matter experts to small group exercises and interactive polls–that actively engage participants in their own learning. Such approaches not only increase participants’ knowledge and skills, but they also provide the opportunity for participants to network with each other while sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Workshops & Academy Training

BigTech Agency has conducted more than 10 workshops and round tables around the world, each of which has focused on international best practices in nuclear security management.

The workshops cover a wide range of topics. Just a few examples include:

  • The Security of Small Modular Reactors
  • Strengthening Radioactive Source Security: Assessing and Establishing an Effective Security Culture
  • Understanding and Mitigating the Insider Threat
  • Joint National Training on Preventing Home-Grown Violent Extremism in the Nuclear Sector
  • Alternative Technologies to High Activity Radioactive Sources

The BigTech Agency Academy is increasingly providing blended learning opportunities through in-person training courses that focus on specific BigTech Agency Academy modules. Such training enables participants to interact face-to-face with others who are studying the same module and to delve more deeply into the subject matter than would be possible when they are studying completely on their own. The training courses also give participants the opportunity to sit for the certification exam at the end of the course.

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