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At BigTech Agency, we specialize in making your brand visible and memorable. Through meticulous research, design, and implementation, we create exceptional brand and digital experiences. Partner with us to achieve a successful and recognizable brand that you can take pride in, both online and within your community.

Our Process

When you have a set budget or you’re looking for constant support. This strategy focuses on different stages of of transforming your brand.

  • Discovery

    Break down creative brief and get a sense of direction of your company.

  • Research

    Know your mission, unique selling points, customers and your competitors

  • Design

    Craft ot unique, simple and engaging designs to meet customers and business goals

  • Revision

    Refine and make sure all touch points are clear from the research and brief

  • Hands off

    Prepare guides for different usage scenarios from print to digital

Beautiful branding and Graphic Design!

Do you want to be recognized in a professional manner?

Beautiful branding starts with a clear brief – getting this right is important to ensure your brand is clean, legible and attractive which will enable you to attract all of those customers!

Together we will design a logo that creates a good first impression and symbolises who you are. We have branding packages available to suit a range of budgets or we can customise a package to suit!
Once completed, we will then use your new branding across all of our platforms both digitally and printed. Create beautifully designed, business cards, brochures, and websites all of which we produce in store. 

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